Hi Jeff the Beautiful killer i know this isn't a question i just wanted to say your beautiful

Shut up if ya don’t have a question!

HeY jEfF, cHoCoLaTe Or VaNiLlA?


Hey im Cat the killer (No im not a fucking cat im just dont feel like explaining why my name is Cat) i was wondering if i can borrow your knife sharpener?

Who ever you are, stay the fuck away from me. 

!f you had ALL the fan girls in one room away from you, would you. 1. put them in a giant blender to make a human slushy 2. light them all on fire and then dissolve the ashes in water. OR 3. send them on a rocket to outer space, where not even there screams can be heard in the dead of eternal night.

all of them.

If you were to kill me Jeff, how would you do it?

Shall we find it out…

(Mun: God, your blog is the funniest ever. Bless your soul) Also, would you mind drawing Jeff and I getting ready to have a knife fight against each other? (Using my tumblr icon) Thanks!

Thank you so much!

Hey Jeff can I brutally murder your fangirls?

No one takes over my business. DEAL WITH IT.



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