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u-got-to-be-kitten-me sent:

Haha Jeff, 5 nights at freddys is scarier that uu. Haha u suck dick 👅👅👅😱😱😂😁😁😁😁😁

♠: Full name?
≈: Mun nickname
♫: What's your gender?
☼: How old are you?
╪: What country are you from?
Ω: Show your face!
☮: How long have you been rp'ing?
♥: What fandoms are you in?
♡: Your favourite film, book and television series.
♦: Relationship status?
♣: Song you're listening to right now?
§: Favourite song?
∞: Celebrity crush?
Anonymous sent:

Jeff, if you cut off your eyelids how do you sleep at night??
  1. They’re already gone
  2. I didn’t cut them, I burned them
  3. Killers don’t sleep, their victims do. 

//mun: So, I downloaded the Slenderman game…now I’m addicted to it.

It’s impossible but very fun. Not even that scary as I thought it would be.
It’s not Slendy that is scary, it’s the feeling in the game. The design and such. I dunno. 
I love it. 

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jessie-the-dark sent:

You're beautiful mun..!♥

//mun: Thanx sweetie :3

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titanmacy sent:

Do you ever use any weapon other than a knife? Have you ever thought about using something else? (Ex. Scalpel)

Or whatever fits in my hand.

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askpeacekeepervivica sent:

" Hallo sir"

Do not even try to call me something like that

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