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zui-female-masky sent:

*Throws rock at* WAT U GONNA DO BITCH?

gigglerock40 sent:

can you help me go to sleep?
  1. go to bed
  2. close your eyes
  3. wait
whitetvscreen sent:

Jeff eats ass

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booboogc sent:

Okay what if you found out you were a banana

kkate-victim13 sent:

Hi... I'm a new killer in town can we kill together some time I need help torching some bitches and whats your fav ways of killing top 3

obey-your-love sent:

what if on a mission thingy you accidentally kill smile dog... what would you do? :3

//mun: I made a new askblog together with asksmilejpeg which is for our OCs. Go check it out? c: Leaving a question is more than free. 

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//mun: If you want me to do requests for you, please ask me on my deviantART account. Go for it here! (read my account description) 

For you who doesn’t have deviantART, you can ask me here.

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